Network Intelligence for Artificial Consciousness

A New Kind of Seeing

Opentangle is a new approach to knowledge representation. Relying on Heisenberg Uncertainty in order to unsee the seen, Opentangle undoes Entanglement of the Observer and the Observed.

Opentangle is Observation.


Opentangle abstracts Observation into a functional service. Opentangle enables into a new kind of Seeing, one freed from all limitations of semantics. Opentangle enables Objective Semantics and Pure Reasoning.

Opentangle is Illumination.

Opentangle creates new worlds where reality works in the image of the Observer. The first applications are in capital markets and distributed settlements, media and e-commerce, next-generation ad-tech, and several other advanced AI applications.

Launching shortly via commercial operators.

Reach out for early access.

Welcome to Augmented Human Intelligence. 🧠 🤖

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