Opentangle is the specification, the information model, as well as a reference implementation.

We are working with partners to launch commercial versions of Opentangle, announcements will be made this summer. We are also licensing the tech to various verticals applications, beginning with e-commerce, mar-tech, capital markets, supply chain intelligence, AI-KR databases, and others.

Real-time Dimensionless AI


Mahat is the future of Streaming Intelligence Networks, empowering the global intelligence community.

Mahat is Intel-as-a-Service.

Growth Engine

If you are a DTC brand, we have a platform that generates incremental sales.

Shoptype is Revenue-as-a-Service.

Persisting Pure Data


Knowledge Representation designed for Internet scale autonomous AI agents.

TangleDB is Knowledge-as-a-Service.

Let’s build something together.

An Awake Company

AwakeVC is funding teams commercializing new AI applications on Opentangle and Lisp.